What is
Prime Healthcare ACO?

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Why Should Physicians Participate in Prime ACO?

No cost and no risk to your practice

There is no cost to participate, unlike many other ACOs. Prime Healthcare is covering all of the enrollment and initiation costs. There is no potential for decreased revenue or added costs compared to practice prior to participating with the ACO.

Ensure retention and loyalty of your patients

Patients are competitively being recruited to participate ACOs and HMOs, therefore allowing your patients to enroll in your ACO will enable you to secure your patients under your care and preserve their relationships and loyalty to their physicians.

Increase your potential revenue & market share

Physicians will continue to receive usual reimbursement based on the traditional fee-for-service basis plus the potential for bonuses from shared savings generated by being part of the ACO (i.e., reductions in the growth of the total cost of care for the assigned population of patients). When shared savings are received, Prime ACO will distribute bonuses of 75% of the shared savings to the participating physicians and 25% to the participating hospitals after operating costs.

Be part of the leadership and control of an ACO

Participating providers control seventy-five percent (75%) of the ACO and can lead their own practices and management with the support and resources of Prime Healthcare.

Improve your chances for success in the value-based world

Value based payments are coming whether a provider participates with an ACO or not. Medicare has created a roadmap for ACOs to ease into value-based reimbursement without losing money or violating anti-trust laws. ACO membership will allow you to succeed in the new value-based model.

Gain the support and stability of a national hospital system for your practice

As healthcare is rapidly evolving, hospitals are increasingly central to care and dominating the healthcare market through expansion. As part of the Prime ACO, your practice will be supported and strengthened by the resources and stability of Prime Healthcare.