Open Enrollment for Professionals & Physicians Ends July 31st

Prime Healthcare Accountable Care Organization (“Prime ACO”)is a local group of physicians who have joined together to coordinate the care of Medicare fee-for-service patients in the area. Our community of physicians includes primary care providers, specialists, and hospitals. We are committed to increasing the quality of care for patients, and we are still accepting new healthcare professionals and physicians into our organization. The enrollment period ends July 31, 2015, so don’t wait to join us today.

Benefits of Joining Prime ACO

Healthcare professionals who join our patient-centered organization will instantly become part of a community that operates on a value-based system rather than a volume-based system. As part of the Prime ACO community, you’ll benefit from:

  • Patient retention and loyalty because patients will be enrolled under your care rather than being recruited to join another ACO or HMO.
  • Potential for increased revenue because bonuses from shared savings will be added to the typical reimbursements received from the standard fee-for-service system.
  • No cost and no loss because it is free to join and there is no decreased revenue or additional costs when joining (unlike many other ACOs).
  • Leadership & control of ACO because our participating partners control 75% of the ACO and have the opportunity to lead their own practices.
  • Success in the future of healthcare because value-based payments will come whether or not a provider joins an ACO. We ease into value-based reimbursements so no money is lost.

Backed by the support & stability of a national hospital system, your practice will have all the resources needed to thrive in the rapidly growing healthcare environment. Ready to set up your practice for success? Join Prime ACO today! You only have until July 31 st, so contact us today with any questions.