Welcome to the Prime Healthcare ACO

Dear Physician,

Prime Healthcare is proud to announce the formation of the Prime Healthcare Accountable Care Organization ("Prime ACO"). Prime ACO is designed to improve population health – doctors and hospitals working together – preparing for future value-based reimbursement models as provided for under the Affordable Care Act.

Prime Healthcare with 43 hospitals nationwide is one of the leading hospital systems in the country and based on the quality of care provided has been named a Top 15 Health System by Truven Analytics. Building upon proven expertise in successfully managing hospitals, Prime Healthcare Services is embarking upon the eventual destination for high-performing hospitals and health systems by applying integrated methodologies to simultaneously delivering the highest quality of care at optimized costs while improving the health of the communities it serves.

With Prime ACO you will begin a transition from a volume-based system to a value-based system. This transition will prepare your practice for success by adapting to future payment models, increasing local market share, and increasing patient and provider satisfaction.

We hope you will join us on this new adventure. If you have any questions, please contact Alan Smith (844) 505-4228 or send us an email.

Prem Reddy, MD, FACC, FCCP
Chairman, President & CEO